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Can You Pack a Vape in Your Luggage (Here’s the Rules 2024)

Can you pack a vape in your luggage? 

Picture yourself gearing up for a much-needed vacation. You’ve got your tickets, your passport, and, of course, your vape. 

But then, a question nags at you — “Can I bring a vape on a plane?” 

If you’ve found yourself in this situation, you’re not alone. Many travelers are unsure whether they can pack a vape in their luggage when flying.

You’ve come to the puff-fect place because we’ll provide a comprehensive overview of the rules and TSA regulations for bringing vapes on planes. 

Cloud nine awaits — let’s get started and learn more about flying with vapes! 

Note: This post about “Can you pack a vape in your luggage” is written according to TSA rules in the United States. Some countries may have different regulations, so if you’re flying in another country, these rules may not apply. We recommend you check with your airline or relevant authority for more information.

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A row of vape pens on a shelf on a brick wall for can you pack a vape in your luggage.
Can you pack a vape in your luggage? We’ll answer that question below.

So, Can You Pack a Vape in Your Luggage?

The bottom line is that you can absolutely pack a vape in your luggage, but there are different rules for packing it on your carry-on luggage vs. checked luggage.  

Let’s break it down by the type of luggage.

Can You Pack a Vape in Your Carry-on?

Yes, you can bring a vape in your carry-on bag! 

In fact, TSA requires that you pack your vape exclusively in your carry-on bag, which is a good thing because you can have it on your person without having to worry about it getting lost or damaged in transit.  

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Can You Pack a Vape in Your Checked Luggage?

No, you cannot bring a vape in your checked luggage.  

TSA has strict regulations regarding bringing electronic cigarettes, vapes, and similar devices in your checked bags because they pose a potential fire risk.

Lithium batteries, specifically lithium-ion batteries commonly used in vapes, are prohibited because they can spontaneously ignite.

Even though it’s unlikely, it’s easier to deal with that possibility if the device is on your person than in checked luggage.

It all comes down to the lithium ion battery rather than the vape device itself. 

Last but not least, remember to grab your vape from your bag if you have to gate-check it as part of the boarding process.

Can You Pack a Vape in Your Personal Item? 

TSA permits you to bring a vape in your personal item, such as a purse, laptop bag, or briefcase. 

As long as it’s not packed in your checked luggage and complies with the regulations, which we’ll cover below, you can bring it onboard. 

A screenshot of TSA rules on their website answering the question "can I bring a vape on a plane"?
A screenshot from TSA’s website answering the question, “Can I bring a vape on a plane?”

What Happens if You Pack a Vape in Your Checked Bag?

As we mentioned above, you cannot pack a vape in your checked bag.  

TSA officers are kind of like Santa Claus — they know when you’ve been naughty or nice and they’re always watching you.

If you accidentally (or purposefully 😈) pack your vape in your checked bag, the TSA screeners will find it, and it will more than likely be confiscated.

Even worse, you could even face fines and other penalties for attempting to violate TSA vape rules.  

The last thing you want is to get to your destination and your bag not be there because it got pulled to the side for vape inspection.

Double-check your checked bags and make sure you don’t have any vapes in them before heading to the airport. 

Why Can’t You Put a Vape in Your Checked Luggage?

TSA prohibits vapes and other electronic smoking devices in checked baggage because of the lithium-ion batteries they contain. 

If damaged, the batteries can overheat, leading to a potential fire known as a thermal runaway.

It’s risky to put a vape in your checked bag because it is far away from you and out of sight. 

If something were to happen, you can’t intervene in time, and the potential fire hazard could be devastating.

Pack your vape in your carry-on and leave the checked luggage for non-flammable items. 

Luggage claim carousel at an airport with a few suitcases for can you take a vape pen on a plane.
Can you take a vape pen on a plane? Yes, but it cannot go in your checked luggage.

Does TSA Do Screenings on Checked Bags for Vapes?

Yes, TSA officers will check your bags for vapes and other hazardous and concerning items. 

In fact, they’re authorized to open any bag and inspect its contents if necessary.    

It’s all part of their job to ensure that airports remain safe and secure from potential threats. 

What Happens if Your Vape is Confiscated?

If your vape is confiscated at the airport, unfortunately, you probably won’t get it back.  

It may seem harsh at first, but keep in mind that TSA has strict protocols to ensure a safe environment for everyone on the flight. 

What Happens if You Pack a Vape in Your Carry-On Bag?

You’re totally fine if you pack a vape in your carry-on baggage and nothing will happen

This is exactly how TSA wants you to travel with a vape so you have no reason to worry.

Can I Bring a Disposable Vape in My Carry-On Bag?

The difference between a disposable vape and regular vape is that a disposable vape is a single-use, non-refillable device. 

TSA considers these devices the same as regular vapes and requires that you pack them in your carry-on bag.

They’re not permitted in checked bags — no exceptions!

A group of colorful vape pens in front of a gray background for can you take e cigarettes on a plane.
You can take e cigarettes on a plane along with a disposable vape as long as you pack it in your carry-on bag.

How to Properly Carry Your Vape on a Plane

You can carry your vape onto a plane in one of three ways: directly in your pocket, in your personal item, or your carry-on bag.

Make sure you turn the vape off before boarding the flight and place your vape in a clear plastic sealed bag since vape tanks can leak due to changes in air pressure.

Other than that, you’re all set for your flight!

Can You Bring Vape Juice/E Liquid on a Plane?

Yes, you can bring vape juice/e-liquid on a plane.

If you want to pack it in your carry-on bag, remember that TSA requires that all liquids, aerosols, gels, and creams be packed in containers of 3.4 ounces or smaller and placed inside a quart-sized bag. 

Remember that you’re only allowed to bring one quart-sized bag for your liquid items in your carry-on bag, so make sure you don’t exceed the limit. 

Buy your quart-sized TSA approved toiletry bags here.

If you have larger bottles of vape juice or more than 3.4 ounces, pack those items in your checked luggage to avoid any issues at airport security or distribute them in 3.4 oz plastic bottles to put in your carry-on.

Buy your 3.4 ounce plastic bottles here!

Can You Pack Spare Batteries for a Vape Pen on a Plane?

Yes, you can pack spare batteries for a vape pen or electronic nicotine delivery systems on a plane. 

The same rules apply to batteries as vape devices — you can pack them in your carry-on bag but not in your checked luggage. 

Remember, if you need to check your bag at the gate, make sure you grab the spare batteries before you hand it off. 

How to Properly Pack Vapes, Vape Juice, and Batteries for Flying 

To ensure a smooth airport experience, make sure you always: 

  • Pack your vape in either your pocket, personal item, or carry-on bag. 
  • Turn off the vape before boarding and store it in a clear plastic bag to prevent leakage due to changes in air pressure. 
  • Store spare batteries for vapes in your carry-on bag. 
  • Bring 3.4 ounces or less of vape juice in your carry-on bag and store it inside a quart-sized, clear plastic bag. 
  • If you have more than 3 ounces, distribute the vape juice into several 3.4-ounce containers to bring in your carry-on bag or pack them in your checked luggage.  

Will My Vape Juice and Vapes Get Damaged While Flying?

It’s unlikely that your vape juice, vapes, and vape mods will get damaged while flying. 

There’s a small chance that your vape juice might leak due to cabin pressure changes, but it’s unlikely. 

Pack your vape juice in a clear plastic bag and make sure it’s properly sealed to avoid any leakages. 

A man and a woman sitting at a wooden table holding vapes for are vape pens allowed on airplanes.
Don’t worry about your vape juice and pens getting damaged while flying.

Can You Pack a Vape in Your Luggage for International Flights?

It’s important to note that different countries may have their own regulations regarding vape products, so it’s best to check with the airline and/or country before bringing a vape on an international flight. 

It’s also worth noting that even if the country allows you to bring a vape, the airline may not, and vice versa. 

Over 40 countries have banned vapes and e-cigarettes altogether, and some countries even restrict what type of vape you can bring. 

As such, it’s imperative that you double-check all local laws and regulations from local authorities before packing your vape when visiting an unfamiliar country.

Can You Pack a Marijuana Vape in Your Luggage?

 No, you’re not allowed to pack a marijuana vape in your luggage.  

Marijuana is still illegal at a federal level in the United States, and TSA follows all federal law and regulations.

Even if you’re traveling from a state where marijuana is legal to another state where it’s legal, bringing cannabis products on a plane, including vapes, is highly prohibited. 

TSA has zero tolerance for cannabis products, and any items related to the drug that are found in airport security will be confiscated, even if it’s legal in your state. 

CBD oil and CBD products are in a gray area, and it’s best to avoid packing these items in your luggage when traveling. You can read more about it on TSA’s website.

Can You Vape on a Plane?

No, you cannot vape on a plane. 

The FAA prohibits the use of e-cigarettes or any vaping device on an aircraft. 

Vaping is considered a form of smoking and is only allowed in designated smoking areas outside the aircraft. 

Passengers who are caught vaping can face fines from both the airline and TSA for violating the rules. 

It’s best to wait until you reach your destination before vaping! 

The interior of an airplane with a two seat, four seat, and two seat configuration for can you take vaporizers on a plane.
Just because you can bring a vape on a plane doesn’t mean you can use it in flight.

Can You Vape at the Airport?

The rules for vaping at the airport vary from airport to airport and country to country. 

In general, regardless of which airport you’re in, you cannot smoke in the main terminal building or anywhere near the gate areas. 

Most airports have designated areas where you can vape and smoke, but make sure to check with your airport before vaping in any area. 

It’s also important to be aware that not all airports allow vaping, so it’s best to check before you plan on vaping at the airport. 

Quick Tips for Bringing a Vape on a Plane

That was a lot of information about “Can you pack a vape in your luggage?” so let’s quickly recap the key takeaways and some quick tips:

  • All vape gear besides vape juice goes in your carry-on bag. 
  • Vaping on the aircraft is strictly prohibited, and charging your vape while in flight is prohibited. 
  • Make sure you turn your vape pen off before boarding. If you’re worried about it turning on mid-flight, disconnect the lithium battery and store it in your carry-on bag.
  • Check with the airline and destination country you’re traveling to before bringing a vape on an international flight.
  • Always check for designated smoking areas at the airport before vaping in public spaces. 
  • Pack spare vape batteries in your carry-on bag; never in your checked luggage.
  • Bring 3.4 ounces or less of vape juice in your carry-on bag and store it inside a quart-sized, clear plastic bag. 
  • If you have more than 3.4 ounces of vape juice , distribute it into several 3.4-ounce containers to bring in your carry-on bag or pack them in your checked luggage. 
  • Do not bring marijuana or CBD  products on a plane, even if they are legal in your state or country. 
  • Make sure to read all the rules and regulations before packing your vape for a flight!
The inside of an airplane with the no smoking sign turned on.
One of the biggest tips for bringing a vape on a plane is not to smoke it while on the aircraft.

Can You Pack a Vape in Your Luggage FAQs

How do you hide a vape in a checked suitcase?

Simple answer: you don’t. All vape products must be stored in your carry-on bag, never in your checked suitcase, because the lithium metal batteries pose a fire hazard that could be dangerous when flying. 

Should I put my vape in my carry-on or luggage?

Your vape should be stored in your carry-on bag. This is to avoid the potential fire hazard caused by lithium batteries that could potentially become damaged when flying. 

Can airport TSA detect vapes?

Yes, TSA can detect vapes and everything on their X-ray scanner and metal detectors. All vape products and liquids are subject to security screening, so it’s important to know all the rules before packing your vape for a flight. 

How do you take a disposable vape on a plane?

Disposable vapes follow the same rules as any other vape or e cigarette and should be stored in your hand luggage, never in your checked luggage.

How many vapes can I bring on a plane?

You can bring as many vapes as you want as long as they are all stored in your carry-on bag. However, the number of vape liquids you can bring in your carry-on is limited to 3.4 ounces (or 100 milliliters). Even though you can bring as many vapes as you want, ensure you’re not bringing an absurd amount of them, as it could raise a red flag for TSA agents. 

Can I keep my vape in my pocket on a plane?

Yes, putting a vape in your pocket on a plane is allowed, as long as it’s turned off and you don’t attempt to use it while on the aircraft. 

Can I put a vape in my suitcase?

The only suitcase you can put your vape in is a carry-on bag or a personal item. Due to the potential fire hazard caused by the lithium content in a lithium-ion battery, vapes are strictly prohibited from checked luggage. 

Can you put a disposable vape in a checked bag?

Once again, the answer is no. All vape products, including a disposable vape pen, must be stored in your carry-on, never in your checked luggage, to avoid potential fire hazards caused by lithium batteries. 

How many disposable vapes can I bring on a plane?

You can bring as many disposable vapes as you want as long as they are all stored in your carry-on bag. But there’s no reason to bring a crazy amount of disposable vapes with you unless you want to get pulled aside by TSA agents. 

A man vaping with smoke coming out of his nose and mouth.
Can you pack a vape in your luggage? Yes, just follow the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) guidelines for traveling with electronic cigarettes, vapes, and other related products.

Final Thoughts: Can You Pack a Vape in Your Luggage

Can you pack a vape in your luggage? Yes!

Navigating the rules and regulations of traveling with a vape can seem daunting, but with careful consideration and preparation, it is entirely manageable. 

Remember, all vape components, with the exception of vape juice, belong in your carry-on. 

Avoid vaping on the plane, stick to a designated smoking area in the airport, and always research the specific rules of your airline and destination. 

Safe travels, and enjoy your vaping experience responsibly during air travel and within the boundaries of the law. 

Happy vaping, and remember, knowledge is the key to a hassle-free journey!

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